What we do

We help charities manage their unique risks by designing bespoke insurance for them.

Who we work with

We work with over 16,000 charitable organisations across the UK. Reflecting the breadth of the third sector, our client base ranges from small local groups to large and national charities.

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Building the right policy

We use our specialist knowledge of the charity sector to advise clients on the cover they need. This ensures their unique risks are managed effectively and results in a bespoke policy where they only pay for cover they need.

It’s often said insurance brokers ‘search the market’ to find a solution. At Access we believe the best solutions aren’t found; they are built. For this reason, we continually invest in developing new products, giving our clients greater choice. Our distinct, tailored approach truly benefits each of our customers, ensuring each client receives what they really need. Our reputation and dedication to work predominately with charities means we have excellent working relationships with 40+ insurers, which is a great advantage when negotiating on your behalf.

Representing your interests

As a Chartered, independent broker, we represent our clients’ interests from initial enquiry right through to assisting you through the claims process. We don’t just provide quotes, we give advice based on our knowledge of the sector. Throughout the lifetime of your policy, we provide help and guidance. We also work with insurers to build specialist schemes with your needs in mind.

Claims assistance

It’s often said the first real test of an insurance policy comes when you need to make a claim. Claims can be complex, stressful and lengthy. It’s likely to be the time when you’ll need us most.

With our experience, you can be confident that when you need to make a claim, the policy we built with you provides the proper protection. We’ll work with you, providing the advice you need to get things back to normal as soon as possible.

You can rely on us to support and assist you throughout the process of making a successful, hassle-free claim. We work for you and will always put your interests first.

Visit our claims page for more details on the claims process.

Additional support

We know there are a host of activities you may be involved with on local or national scales. We provide additional support on a range of issues such as safeguarding or rebuild costs, where we can arrange for our specialist partners to carry out a rebuild cost assessment for you.

We support our clients and the wider sector by creating resources, downloadable guides and templates for risk management and charity governance.

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Customer Charter

As part of our commitment to delivering excellent customer service and fair value across our business, we created a Customer Charter. This was a staff-led project with workshops that generated the attributes of what great customer service looked like. This Charter summarises what every client can expect from us.

We commit to:

  1. Being friendly and professional
  2. Maintaining responsive and efficient services
  3. Taking the time to understand your needs
  4. Building solutions
  5. Giving clear information and guidance
  6. Open communication