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Our charity public liability insurance packages are designed to provide public liability and other optional covers for the activities of charities and non-profit organisations, whether at owned or rented premises, or away from them.

If you need help determining the amount of charity public liability insurance cover you require, please contact us on 020 8651 7420. Our specialist team of advisers are here to help you from a simple question to advice on a more complex range of covers.

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If you have no public liability insurance, it means that you bear that liability and, therefore, will pay any claims made against you for third-party property damage or injury as well as incur any legal costs out of your own resources.

No, it is not, though many choose to transfer the risks of third-party injuries or property damage through insurance as the cost of compensation claims and legal action would be far beyond a small organisation or group’s means.

It’s not compulsory to have a public liability insurance policy. However, the risk is severe, which means there would be a high cost to cover for claims payouts; therefore, the risk is transferred through insurance to pay a much smaller amount. Public liability insurance covers third-party injury and damage to third-party property.

It depends on the risk exposure, the types of activities carried out, the size of your organisation, and third-party premises you may use. However, a limit should be based on what a compensation claim would cost to settle. Levels of cover available are £1m, £2m, £5m and £10m.

Not exactly. Employers liability policies are taken out to cover employees because it is a legal requirement, something the Charities Commission. Public liability covers third party property damage and injury to third parties. Sometimes insurers package different liability policies together for a particular customer profile. We understand the uniqueness of our customers, so we help you choose the right policies; therefore, you only pay for the cover you need.