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Cyber attacks are becoming more common. 30% of charities reported that they experienced cyber attacks in 2022. Charities often hold sensitive information such as donor data, financial records and beneficiaries’ personal information, which makes them attractive targets for cybercriminals. If a cyber attack succeeds, it can be very costly to recover.

Cyber insurance exists to cover the costs incurred of responding to a privacy breach or ransom attack, business interruption, cyber extortion, liabilities and legal fees, as well as expenses associated with crisis management.

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Understanding Cyber Insurance For Charities

It is important for charities to manage common vulnerabilities and ensure they have robust cyber security in place before taking out this cover, as insurers will usually stipulate conditions that must be met before the policy is offered.

You can download our complete guide to ‘Understanding Cyber Insurance For Charities‘ to get a clearer idea what these policies cover and some common challenges and cyber liabilities charities have.

We recommend charities follow the Cyber Essentials programme by the NCSC to improve their cyber security.

Here are some simple cyber security fundamentals you can review today.

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