How can we help your church?

With 20+ years of experience working with churches and strong relationships with a wide range of church insurers, Access is in an ideal position to provide advice and arrange suitable church insurance.

Our church insurance policies typically include liability cover for your staff, volunteers and the public with options to insure church buildings, contents, equipment and money as needed. We also regularly arrange minibus insurance for churches.

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Many UK churches and groups have chosen us as their insurance advisor

We are devoted to helping churches, charities and non-profit groups obtain insurance that covers the particular risks they face.

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What types of cover do we provide?

We understand the variety of activities your church may be involved in, whether it’s running weekly services, clubs, group and outreach events or other activities. With our specialist church insurance coverage in place, we can help you continue your mission. Below are just some of the covers we offer.

Liability Insurance for Churches

As an organisation, your church faces certain liabilities. We can build policies with employers’ liability and public liability insurance and as well as cover for products and property owners.

Church Property Insurance

We can make sure your church buildings, premises and contents are protected properly in the event of theft, stained glass breakage, grounds or works damage amongst other incidents.

Church Vehicle Insurance

If you run activities, trips, social work or church groups you may have cars or minibuses that require church vehicle insurance. We can easily add this in when you purchase a minibus or vehicle.

Money Insurance

Money kept at the home of a church official or in transit can be covered as well as loss by the dishonesty of church officials.

Personal Accidents Cover

For church workers accidentally injured while engaged in authorised church activities.

Insurance for Child Care Activities

For after school care, nursery schools, playgroups or clubs managed by the church.

Pastoral Care Cover

For negligence in rendering pastoral care for injury to the public or damage to their property.

Publisher’s Indemnity

As well as trustee indemnity, we can also offer indemnity insurance for libel, slander, infringement of trademark etc. arising from official church publications.

and many more…

We’ll help you get the policies that are needed to manage the risks you face as a church such as loss of income, legal expenses and liabilities.

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Your church has a unique set of risks – get insurance designed to match. Insurance for churches, fellowships, groups and connected organisations.

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