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Our specialist charity insurance is constructed around you. Unlike off-the-shelf policies that leave gaps in your cover, we design our policies because we understand the risks you face. Insurance can be confusing, that is why our experienced advisers provide the expertise, guidance and jargon-free advice you need.

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What types of cover do we provide?

Our expert advisers work with you to create policies that meet your needs. Sometimes insurance can include common cover such as our public liability insurance for charity organisations. We also provide many other policies that will protect your assets, trustees, volunteers, supporters, participants and activities properly against the risks you face.

Public Liability Insurance

Ensuring you are covered for claims as a result of injury or third-party property damage involving stakeholders is important. We can provide charity public liability insurance for non-profit organisations and charities to cover the risks of all your activities.

Staff Liability Insurance

It’s a legal requirement to have this policy in place if you have paid staff. You must also consider your volunteers’ safety and well-being. We design insurance that enables you to fulfil your duty of care for staff and volunteers.

Trustee Indemnity Insurance

Another popular cover is trustee indemnity insurance which protects people in positions of trust from claims made against them for mistakes or wrongful acts. This cover can also assist in legal costs associated with defending trustees and actions taken.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

To defend against claims for wrongful advice, errors or breach of care given for free or in exchange for payment.

Property and Contents Insurance

To properly protect your charity’s premises, infrastructure and physical assets in the case of theft or damage.

Cyber Insurance

To defend against the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, breaches and claims made regarding theft or loss of data.

and many more…

As specialist insurance brokers for charities, we can develop comprehensive policies to cover all the risks your organisation faces.

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Not-for-profits and charities are diverse, so there isn’t one set kind of insurance package that will work for every type of not-for-profit. Most charities will take out typical policies such as charity public liability insurance and legally required policies like employer’s liability (if they have employees); even then, the limits warranted on such policies will vary based on the organisation’s size and risk factors. As a charity, you will benefit from implementing a risk management plan to identify, analyse and control risks. Our advisers can help you determine which risks should be insured.

Public liability insurance is the most common policy taken out by charities and community groups but is not legally mandated. The risk severity for public liabilities such as injury or property damage is high, which means that a significantly large amount would be payable from your organisation’s funds in the event of an incident without the proper insurance, which could lead to bankruptcy. Because of this, most organisations choose to transfer this risk through insurance cover. Talk to us to see what limits of public liability would work best for your charity.

You’ll get a policy designed for your charity and only pay for the cover you need. If you have a claim, we work on your behalf, not for the insurer. 16,000+ UK non-profits use Access. We provide hundreds of charity insurance quotes.

We offer nearly 30 charity insurance covers including employer’s liability, public liability, cover for trustees and officers, assets, cyber risks, PI for advice risks and many more.

Our advisers will walk you through the factors you need to take into account to make a decision. We believe if you are going to buy insurance it’s important to buy the right levels of cover, so we’ll give you the advice you need to make an informed choice.

No. We strive to make things easy. 95% of our customers do not need to fill in proposal or renewal forms. We know that dealing with insurance for your charity can seem complicated, so your dedicated adviser will be on hand to answer any questions you have.

Whether there should be any legally obligated insurance in place depends on how your charity operates and what it does. Other policies may not be compulsory but are typically chosen by not-for-profits because severe risks have been identified, meaning the damage would be too great in the event of an incident to rely on the organisation’s own resources. Insurance is just one way risk can be managed and is often chosen because of the peace of mind and transfer of liability so that you’re protected. Our advisers can help you determine which risks should be insured.

Sometimes building surveys need to be done to obtain an accurate rebuild cost valuation which is very important when taking out property insurance to ensure you will receive fair payouts in the event of a claim. In addition, some inspections for certain liabilities may be legally required as part of taking out insurance, such as the explosion of equipment, or insisted upon by the insurer to ensure a level of trust that appropriate controls have been implemented to manage insured risks.