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This is a statement of the data protection policy adopted by Access Underwriting Limited. Responsibility for the management, updating and dissemination of the policy rests with the company’s senior managers and the policy is subject to regular review to reflect changes to legislation, accepted best-practice or to the structure or policies of the firm. All staff are expected to strictly apply the policy and to seek advice when required or when data security concerns arise.

The business needs to collect and use certain types of information about the people with whom it deals in order to operate and, in addition, the firm may need to hold and process information to comply with its legal obligations. This personal information must be dealt with properly however it is collected, recorded and used – whether on paper, electronically, or other means – and there are legal safeguards to ensure this in the Data Protection Act.

No staff members are permitted to download, copy or save customer details, either in hard copy or onto personal mobile devices, storage devices or into cloud-based storage, other than any such procedure or facility operated and approved by the company’s director/s.

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