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If you, or the client you represent, want financial protection from risks involved in the early distribution of an estate; we can help.

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Early Distribution Insurance specifically addresses situations where a beneficiary has received assets from an estate before all potential claims under the Inheritance Act 1975 have been resolved.

The policy aims to safeguard beneficiaries from the financial risks associated with receiving an early distribution. Under the Inheritance Act 1975, certain individuals have the right to make claims against an estate if they believe they have not been adequately provided for. In such cases, beneficiaries who have already received assets may face potential financial obligations.

It covers legal costs, expenses, and other potential liabilities arising from such successful claims that result in a redistribution.

Information we require to help you:

  • A thorough explanation of the circumstances
  • Details of the will or intestacy
  • Details of the grant of probate
  • Value of the residuary estate for distribution
  • Details of any disputes
  • Details of parties or confirmation that no parties are known that could make a claim
  • The amount of cover (limit of indemnity) required and how this has been calculated

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