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Latest News Category: Charities

Trust Advice: An excellent resource for charities16 September 2021

This month we want to highlight an excellent resource for charities; Trust Advice, one of our partners, that has provided expert advice, training, and resources to the charitable sector for over ten years.


Upcoming Charity Growth & Excellence Workshop5 July 2021

Held on Wednesday 14th July at 10.00am, this free online workshop will explore frameworks that help you effectively manage day-to-day operations and promote good governance in your charity organisation.


Nominate Your Favourite Charity25 May 2021

The Movement for Good awards – a £1m giving programme launched by Ecclesiastical is now live for nominations.


New Motor Policy Designed For Charity & Church Vehicles28 May 2019

Charities and churches are often surprised at the difficulty in finding suitable insurance when their organisation purchases a vehicle.


2018 Budget: A Charity Perspective30 October 2018

There was little in the 2018 Budget to wildly excite charities. Those organisations who have had to step up and run public toilets, as council cut have set in, will be pleased to hear that from 2020 business rates will no longer apply to public lavatories. It seemed however that this announcement was more about setting up toilet puns for the rest of the Chancellor’s speech than supporting communities.


Supporting Savannah Education Trust30 August 2018

Access are delighted to announce that one of our key insurer partners, Ecclesiastical Insurance, has donated to the Savannah Education Trust as part of their ‘Closer to You’ programme.

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