Our Clients

Our clients are of vital importance to us. This belief informs the relational way in which we do business.

You may have been a client for many years or we may have just started to work together. Regardless, you can expect the same level of commitment, dedication and service from us.

We undertake risk reviews, uncovering the unique risks you face, how these risks are currently managed and your attitude to risk. These reviews allow us to advise you on the most appropriate and efficient way to insure against loss.

Serving unique clients in specialist areas

All of our clients face risk of different types, size and consequence. Across our Specialisms we work with a huge variety of organisations from very small groups to large national bodies. Our clients have many differences but one thing in common: they trust us to advise and protect them.

The Access approach

Our aim when working with clients is simple: provide the right advice so our clients can make informed decisions about their insurance protection. Our two phase approach is efficient, simple and highly effective.

Phase 1: Discover & Review

  • We discover all about you: who you are, what you do and how you do it. This helps us to identify the insurable unique risks you face.
  • We talk about your attitude to risk: which risks you are happy to accept and which risks you want to insure.
  • We review your current insurances to see if these match up to our discovery work. These will identify any issues, including: any gaps in the cover, sections arranged incorrectly and uninsured activities.

Phase 2: Report & Advise

  • Our findings are detailed in our ‘insurer report’ which is sent to a select list of insurers who are experts in your area.
  • We review all quotations received and ensure they meet your requirements.
  • We present you with your ‘client report’. This report covers everything discussed and identified by us in the discovery phase as well as the responses and quotations from the insurers we approached. It outlines our professional opinion as to how you can adequately insure as well as make savings.