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Community Group Insurance Quote

  • Details

  • Main cover

  • Choose £1m, £2m, £5m or £10m
  • Additional covers

  • Premium

  • inclusive of £30 administration fee

  • Premium correct for groups based in England, Scotland and Wales. Different rates apply to groups in NI and elsewhere.

  • Statements

  • The organisation:
    1. has not sustained any loss or incurred any liability within the last 3 years whether previously covered by insurance or not.
    2. has not been refused insurance cover, had cover cancelled or had special insurance terms applied
    3. does not undertake any visits or work abroad
    4. is not aware (after making enquiries of its trustees, directors or officers) of any circumstances that might lead to a claim against any trustee, director or officer

    None of the organisation's trustees, directors, partners, management committee etc. have:
    1. ever been convicted of a criminal offence other than motoring offences
    2. ever been declared bankrupt
    3. any unsatisfied County Court Judgement against them.

    If the organisation works with young people or vulnerable adults:
    1: you have a written Safeguarding policy in respect of any activities that involve young people (under 18 years) or vulnerable adults, that is updated at least annually
    2: all persons working with such people have been advised to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or authorised statutory body and any checks required have been undertaken

  • A broker will contact you to confirm these details and set up your policy.

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